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This article was first published by the French Chamber of Great Britain (link) That was the question posed by Philippe Chalon, Chair of the Chamber’s Economic Updates, to Peter Todd, Dean of HEC Paris and Susan Liautaud, Vice Chair of Council and Court of Governors of the London School of Economics & Political Science on the premise that education is key for the competitiveness of nations (more…)

The Business Cost of Ignoring Ethics… and Missing Ethics as a Strategic Opportunity

April 24th, 2014 Article, Uncategorized
This article was first published in Susan’s Liautaud Huffington Post blog Too often ethics in business is viewed as exclusively a moral or philosophical endeavor. It is also frequently considered separate from the core economic and organizational factors underlying business analysis. In fact, failing to integrate ethics into business decisions can lead to catastrophic business results. (more…)

Nine New Rules for the World of Work

This article was first published in Susan’s Liautaud Huffington Post blog Predicting the future of women in business is not my core business. I advise companies and non-profit organizations and their leaders on ethics matters ranging from one-off challenges to ethical leadership, strategy, and organizational culture. As we approach International Women's Day on 8 March, the prospects for women in business look outstanding. Many experts have covered targets for women and the training, regulation, and support needed to get there. Through my forward-looking ethics lens, here are a few thoughts on how we as women will behave along the way and...

Untangling the Confusion Over Organizational Ethics

This article was first published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (Summer 2013).  A wave of ethics transgressions underlines the importance of comprehensive ethics oversight for organizational success. Last year, 2012, was in many regards a step forward for proponents of ethical action. Roger Gifford, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, one of the world’s financial capitals, declared business ethics a priority and critical to the City’s economic success. François Hollande published a Code of Ethics within 11 days of becoming president of France. And the new Chinese premier, Xi Jinping, highlighted the ongoing danger of corruption to economic and social development as a central part...

An Organizational Ethics Disaster

(As first published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on November 16, 2012) The New England Compounding Center meningitis case spotlights the tragic consequences of failed organizational ethics. The news is rife with stories of natural disasters (the tsunami, Haiti, Hurricane Sandy) and human tragedy (cancer, poverty). These problems are beyond our control despite best practices and best efforts. The news is also rife with silence. Silent rapes in India, decades of hidden abuse by knighted BBC star Jimmy Savile, and the surreptitious collection of user data by the ubiquitous Angry Birds app all demonstrate this. But the 32 deaths from meningitis...

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