The Ethics Incubator is an independent, cross-sector laboratory and collaborative platform for innovative ethics.

Interview with Legendary TV Writer & Producer- Norman Lear

Interview with Renowned Chinese Dancer and TV Talk Show Host- Jin Xing

Interview with Renowned Novelist- Sir Salman Rushdie

Interview with Renowned Artist- Master Xu Bing  


Ethics & Truth Interview with:

Former U.S. Senator- Russ Feingold

Move Fast and Break Things Author- Jonathan Taplin

Former Mayor of Charlottesville- Mike Signer

Founder/Chairman Hanson Robotics- David Hanson 


Ethics & Entrepreneurship Interview with:

Co-Founder Twitter, Medium and Jelly- Biz Stone


Ethics & the Arts Interviews with:

Renowned Architect- Frank Gehry

Renowned Violinist- Sarah Chang

President Royal Academy of Arts- Christopher Le Brun

Former Director Victoria& Albert Museum- Martin Roth

CEO Serpentine Galleries London- Yana Peel

Artistic Director Martha Graham Dance Company- Janet Eilber

Chief Instructor, WTKO & 7th Dan- Richard Amos Sensei

Rector The Royal College of Art- Dr. Paul Thompson

Artist, Body Artist & Activist- Laolu Senbanjo

We are solution-focused ethics optimists. We see ethics as a partner to innovation, not a barrier. We aim for real time and concrete contributions to the unprecedented ethics challenges of rapidly evolving technology, global risks, and societal developments. We work above and beyond the law, but we also work with regulators and legal experts. We face reality: today’s blurring boundaries among nations, between man and machine, and among science, religion, and the arts.

Thinking About...

Our initial work is organised into four themes designed to tackle the most cutting edge ethics issues with a broad range of participants. We are just getting started and welcome your input on high-priority topics. Thank you for your patience with this work in progress at our launch stage.