Ethics & Truth

As today’s technology and global risks race ahead of our understanding and stretch the boundaries of humanity, we face unprecedented ethical conundrums. Reaching to understand whether, how, and why truth offers essential insight into these challenges. Ethics & Truth hosts conversations with world leaders and pioneers in science and technology on how they understand and influence today’s greatest ethical challenges through their own work and life experiences.

The Interviews
With Gratitude to Our Guests

I am immensely grateful to the leaders who have so generously joined this exploration of Ethics & Truth. Their unique insights and stories stretch our visions of ethical possibilities. They also inspire us to probe our ethical discipline, creativity, and commitment. These leaders reassure us that we don’t need to be world famous to consider challenging decisions we face individually and societally through the lens of the truth—one of the most fundamentally human ways we interpret, express, and influence our world. But they all insist on our shared responsibility to define (and perhaps redefine) the boundaries and behaviors of humanity in today’s world of fake news, designer genetics and civilian space travel. They all agree that the ethics buck stops with each of us even if our refrigerators are “artificially intelligent” and our cars drive themselves. In sum, our ethics are not only universally pertinent and connecting, they also tether us to our humanity.