Our Ethos

Dr. Susan Liautaud

Dr. Susan Liautaud is a leading international expert in ethics known for her solution-focused approach. Susan is Founder & Managing Director of Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited, a consultancy advising corporate, governmental and non-profit leaders on ethics matters. She teaches cutting edge ethics courses at Stanford University called Ethics on the Edge and the Ethics of a Post-Truth World. She serves as Interim Chair of Council and Vice Chair of Court of Governors of the London School of Economics and Political Science and as Chair of LSE’s Ethics Policy Committee. Susan has been appointed to the UK Cabinet Office’s Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACoBA), to the Stanford HAI (Stanford Institute for Human- Centered Artificial Intelligence) Advisory Council and to the UK Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation board. Susan serves on SAP’s AI Ethics Advisory Panel. She also serves on a number of other boards, including Care International global Supervisory Board, Pasteur Institute, past Chair and member of  Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres US National Board of Advisors, and others.  Learn more about Susan’s work.

The Team

We are grateful for the hard work and creativity of our research assistants.  This website was created by Brian Johnsrud and Cody Leff.