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Olivier Niggli

On Values in Sport, Banned Substances, Children and Doping, and Much More

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Long List of Banned Substances and Fairness From Children to Olympic Stars
Society is Desperate for Values: WADA, Young Children and Public Health
 The Case of the 14-Year Old Olympic Skater…Protected Persons, Entourages and Age Limits
Silos and Luxury Ethics
WADA’s Mission and Vision…Broader Than Sport
Marijuana, Caffeine and More…Performance Enhancement? Spirit of Sport? Health Hazard?
 Mr. Niggli’s Magic Wand and Personal Journey: Pragmatic and Culturally Sensitive
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The Ethics Incubator · Oliver Niggli:On Sports, Banned Substances, Educating Children Around the World And Much More
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Interview Description

Effective July 2016, Olivier Niggli assumed the role of Director General.

Olivier possesses extensive international experience in the anti-doping industry; particularly, in the areas of legal, finance and governance. He started his legal career with Carrard & Associés in Lausanne (Switzerland), where WADA was his client.

In 2002, Oliver first joined WADA as the Agency’s Legal Director to which he added the title of Finance Director in 2004. In 2011, Olivier returned to Carrard & Associés as partner, where his practice focused on sport, arbitration and commercial law. In 2014, Olivier returned to WADA as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of WADA.

Olivier holds a Master of Laws from the London School of Economics (England) and a Master of Business Administration from McGill University, in Montreal (Canada).

Welcome to my conversation with Olivier Niggli.

[Biography source: WADA]