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Jin Xing

On the "Endless Power of An Artful Spirit"—from Courage to Truth, from China to the West

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Authentic Jin Xing—Knowing Who She Is
Take the Positive Side of Life
Trust and the Decline of the Moral System
Technology and Responsibility
Truth Requires Thinking…the World is Not Black and White
Dating—Marriage is A Family Affair
Military Dance Training—On Stage and Ready to Serve
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Interview Description

Jin Xing is the consummate performer who brings to life the very essence of performance art and its importance to society. Often called the “Oprah Winfrey of China,” she has also become a voice and a platform for blending entertainment with discussion on her wildly popular talk show.

The following is her official biography from her Shanghai studio Jin Xing Dance Theatre (official link):

“Jin Xing is a true icon as artist and opinion leader in today’s Chinese society. Trained as a dancer and being a highly decorated officer in the PLA at an early age, Jin Xing pursued further studies in the U.S. and Europe for several years before returning to her home country in 1995. She founded Jin Xing Dance Theatre, the country’s first independent dance company and led it to international acclaim.

In addition to her awarded dance career Jin Xing proved her versatile talent by establishing Shanghai Dance Festival, China’s first festival for contemporary dance, as well as excelling in movies and theatre plays. Her achievements in the cultural field have received manifold recognition: two honorary doctor degrees in the UK and the French government’s “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Lettres et des Artists”, just to name a few.

Since 2012, Jin Xing has commanded a highly influential voice in public through her strong TV presence, among others as host of her own talk show, and through her huge fan base in the Chinese blogosphere, which reaches more than 9 million followers.

Jin Xing represents a new generation of China. Her name means more as a synonym for courage, freedom, self-responsibility and the endless power of an artful spirit.”

Welcome to my conversation with Jin Xing.